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Community Projects

Tools? Websites? Mini-games? We have all of those!

The Unofficial Notes

Guild of Guardian Notes by Gray and kenjiro​
The Unofficial Notes is a document that contains a summary of all information known in Guild of Guardians. It was originally made by Gray during the 1st Town Hall. Now, it is owned by Kenjiro.

GoG Sandbox Training Ground

A Guild of Guardians-themed mini-game in Sandbox by Tomahawk​
GoG Sandbox Training Ground video by StepFam
​The Sandbox Training Ground is a Guild of Guardians-themed mini-game made on Sandbox. In this mini-game, players can control their character and slash their way through the dungeon by fighting mobs. Players can also try and defeat the Legendary Glade Guardian, Lia.

Firebolt Creations

Guild of Guardian Infographics by firebolt​
​Firebolt Creations refer to firebolts infographics on Guild of Guardians. From creating a table for all founder heroes and pets to whitepapers, guild crafting, or guild raid summaries. All vital information about GoG, covered!

GoG PH Facebook Family

A Facebook Community for Filipino Guardians by kenjiro​
​ is a Facebook group for Filipino Guild of Guardians Enthusiasts. It is created to deliver the latest GoG news updates, answer questions, create healthy discussions, and grow and unite the Filipino guardians community who are more active in the social platform.

Flappy-Sonic Morax Mini-Game

A Flappy Bird x Sonic x Morax mini-game by Carkisx​
​ was a flappy bird Morax mini-game where players endlessly flap their way around rings as the Guild of Guardians Founders Epic Hero, Morax. When it was live, the game was used as a competition for every guardian where the person with the highest score would win Miera, an epic hero NFT.

GoG Tracker

A tracking tool made by KuyaJ​
​ is a website tool that can track various information in Guild of Guardians. It can be used in: (1) Viewing a wallet's GoG Collection, (2) Viewing a wallet's GoG Transfer History, (3) Viewing recently sold Items based on the serial number.

Immutable X Scanner

An Immutable X Explorer by thecodesdev​
​ is another website tool similar to both Immutascan and the aforementioned GoG Tracker. This immutable explorer displays Immutable X Token offers, trades, and transfers with its clean UI. It can also view a specific wallet's holdings, transactions, market orders, inventory, and much more.

Sales Data

Daily Market Report for GoG NFT by WT​
WT's Sales Data is a daily report for all Guild of Guardian NFT prices. On a daily basis, WT tweets about the current GoG NFT Prices in Ether.

Twitter Spaces

GoG Twitter Space by StepFam
A twitter space where guardians can talk about Guild of Guardians, or about anything in the space. Everyone is invited to tune-in, you can even stand up and share your thoughts to the audiences here. Sometimes, Nick might also show up. The Twitter Space happens weekly at 04:00 UTC

Guild of Guardians Japan

Guild of Guardians, but Japanese
​ is a Japanese website dedicated to GOG news, events and fac-fic. It contains all Guild of Guardians news and information, all translated in Japanese.

12 Days of GOG-mas

A fundraiser and giveaway event by WT​
12 Days of GoG Helping Children is a charity fundraiser and a 12-day giveaway event by WT. In this event, he gives Guild of Guardians NFTs, and Display Pieces, to people who donates to the fundraiser for SOS Children's Village Philippines. Guild of Guardians also matched the total amount raised in this event.

GoG Heroes

A Squad Builder by Jeerow​
​ is a website tool that displays all of Guild of Guardian Heroes to help a guardian in planning and building their squad of 4. The website can also be used to sort all of the heroes depending on their class, roles, element, faction, and rarity. Pets have also been included in the website and in the future, detailed information about each individual heroes are planned to be included.

Guardians United

Podcasts about Guild of Guardians
Guardians United is a Podcast show where they talk about everything on Guild of Guardians. Guardians United Podcast can be found both on Spotify and Apple Podcast. On their first episode, they invited Sam, A member of Blackpool's Core Team

GoG Scam Tracker

Anti-scam guide for guardians by Aspin Darkfire​
​ is a website that presents the different techniques that scammers use to deceive people into acquiring their assets. This is a good place to be aware of these techniques to avoid yourself from getting scammed.

GoG Academy

A publication for GoG community news, articles, and events by axiemaid
​GoG Academy is a website that aims to bring together the community and their passion for Guild of Guardians. GoG Academy plans to become a social hub for the GoG Community as well as to become a place to learn through its guides.

Market Tracker

A Spreadsheet that tracks GoG Market Floor Prices by EXO Gnome