Community Pool & Grants Program

"Community Comes First."
The Community Pool & Grants Program is a way to re-imburse and compensate members of the Guild of Guardians Community in their efforts to build and create different things that help the project to grow, to scale, and to disrupt the gaming industry.
Here are some examples of things that would qualify for the program
  • Community built asset trackers
  • Bespoke tools that use our API’s/data to provide a service to the community
  • Sales bots
  • (or the equivalent IMX bot) for verification purposes
  • An educational content series on YouTube
  • IRL meet-ups co-ordinated by a community member(s)
  • Digital meet-ups/events co-ordinated by a community member(s)
  • Community Artwork (fan-art)
  • Metaverse games/activations (i.e — Sandbox)
  • Community Merchandise (end-to-end execution and management)
  • Twitter Bots
  • Community giveaways
If you are interested and you want to learn more, check out Guild of Guardians' Official Announcement in this medium article.