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Buying your GoG NFTs

Things you need to learn before buying your GoG NFTs
Buying NFTs is Optional. Guild of Guardians is a "free-to-play" and a "play-and-earn" game. You do not need to buy anything to play the game and you will still be able to earn. You will receive free heroes that you can use to get started. You will also earn more common heroes throughout the game "Campaign" mode that you can then merge to mint your first Rare Hero GoG NFT.

What you need to know before buying

  • What is Immutable X?
  • What makes it relevant to Guild of Guardians?
  • What are the different Guild of Guardians NFTs?
  • What are their utilities?
  • Do you need to get everything?
  • Why buy NFTs when the game is Free-to-play?

How to Buy GoG NFTs