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Why people buy GoG NFTs

Why spend money on a F2P Game?


Guild of Guardian assets are not marketed as investments. Although that is how game assets are usually views in the NFT gaming space, always remember to only spend money that you are willing to lose or spend on the game.
"Investment" might be the main reason why people are buying NFTs in general. Crypto, blockchain, NFTs, especially the Play-to-earn or Play-and-earn gaming scene, are very new concepts. Some might even say we are like when the internet is just getting discovered. Guild of Guardians is creating a game with the vision of disrupting the traditional gaming scene and onboarding gamers to the "Play-and-Earn" era. So, many people might see GoG Assets as an investment and a way to get involved in the scene and its future.
For Investors, one reason might also be because of the Scholarship Program (What is a Scholarship Program?). Although the developers have already said they are leaving scholarships and renting to 3rd party developers, the possibility looks very attractive for investors, especially because we've already seen how successful this concept has worked in other games such as Axie Infinity.
Aside from Scholarship Program, one thing for sure is the Passive Income for Guild Leaders. As we already know that Guild Token owners get a percentage cut in Guild Crafting earnings. This percentage can be a passive income source for people who do not plan to lead a guild competitively.
Lastly, and of course, NFT Flipping. It's the nature of NFTs to get flipped, mainly because NFTs are usually limited/scarce. Guild of Guardians just ended their "Founders sale" where they initially sold NFTs. These Founder NFTs can potentialy increase or decrease in value and, naturally, people takes advantages of these to flip nfts to try and gain profits.


Guild of Guardian NFTs are In-game assets. Having a hero means being able to use that hero in the game. Same as with having a Legendary 1/1 Lia Hero, or a Mythic Guild Token, or a Founder Energy Booster. All GoG NFTs are also assets that you will be able to use in the game.
Getting your hands on these GoG assets from the marketplace also have some benefits. Although Guild of Guardian is a free-to-play, having powerful heroes and pets in the game right after it releases will give you an advantage. For example, having a legendary hero gives you around a 40% damage increase. This increase means that you will defeat monsters and clear dungeons faster. Not only that, by having pets, you get more loot. And, by having energy boosters, you even get more loot by having to play more.
The main idea is to save time and be more efficient in playing the game. If merging heroes needs 5 of them, creating a rare hero requires 5 common, 25 for an epic, and 125 for legendary, and that's a lot of common heroes if you ask me.
These Game advantages will become necessary, especially when you are in a Guild. Guilds try to compete with each other for the leaderboards. It will become very competitive, and it will be crucial for a competitive guild to have competent members. For this reason, Guilds will prioritize recruiting members with better assets. For example, A guild that aims for the top #1 might only recruit players with energy boosters, legendary pets, and heroes. Being in a guild will also unlock more game modes, and in essence, more earning potential.
Additionally, for style. You know, the skins or chromas, "collectors item" stuff for cool people 🕶

Supporting the Project

Maybe people just want to support the project. The Guild of Guardians Team - Stepico Games and Immutable X - is trying to create something great and revolutionary for the gaming scene and maybe some people shares the same vision of the team and wants to support the project.
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