Frequently Asked Questions
So you just found out about Guild of Guardians?
Read this section to know more about the game and how you can get started!
How to Play?
Guild of Guardians is Free-to-Play
Guild of Guardians is currently still in development and is being tested internally by the developers. Meanwhile, Closed (Invited) Alpha is scheduled in Q1 of 2022 followed by another in Q2 of the same year.
How to register for the game?
Guild of Guardians is not yet out for the public, and the process of registration for the game is not yet also out. For the meantime, you can pre-register to receive updates about the game in the website.
Where can I buy the Token ($GOG)?
The official token of Guild of Guardians is $GOG. GOG is an ERC-20 token which will be used as the in-game currency in the Guild of Guardians mobile game. $GOG = Gems (In-game currency)
[Official Links] $GoG Token Links
Wen Sale? / How to Buy NFTs?
Guild of Guardians Founder Sales is finished. Currently, there are no further sales planned unless a new partnership is announced.
The only way to obtain NFTs right now is to buy on Secondary Markets.
[Getting Started] Buying your GoG NFTs [Guide] How to buy GoG NFTs [Link] Secondary Markets
I received this email in the past saying I won an NFT, how do I claim?
The heroes that you have won are non-founder heroes. You will receive these heroes ones the heroes also go live, maybe in alpha or later. Right now, just keep updated in the announcements for the claiming process.