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Becoming a Guardian
Pre-Alpha Gameplay

Do Your Own Research

If you are here, reading this GoG handbook, then you are already on the right track! Continue reading to know more!
Here are some things that you can do to find more information about the project
  • Visiting the Official GoG Website
  • Reading this GoG Handbook
  • Reading the Whitepaper
  • Reading Medium Articles
  • Reading FAQs
  • Watching Youtube Videos
  • Asking questions in Discord
  • Participating in Town Halls / AMAs
Links can be found in the "Related Links" Section.

Be Updated

If you are excited about the game, you can keep yourself updated by following Guild of Guardians on their various social platforms.
You may also pre-register for the game to receive the latest news about the project to keep yourself updated. You can do these by following the link below.

Buy NFTs

Buying NFTs is Optional. Guild of Guardians is a "free-to-play" and a "play-and-earn" game. You do not need to purchase anything to play the game.
Buy your first Guild of Guardian NFTs in the Official Marketplaces!
Guild of Guardians' Founder Sale already ended, but you can still grab some heroes on Secondary Marketplaces such as IMMUTABLE X MARKETPLACE and TOKENTROVE (You can also find these links in the "Related Links" Section)

Join the Discord

Do you need support? Want to know more about the game? or get involved in the community?
Please chat with us on Discord!