What is Guild of Guardians

Introduction to Guild of Guardians
Guild of Guardians is a Free-to-Play mobile game that uses blockchain technology to integrate NFTs and Cryptocurrencies to give players a sense of "true digital ownership" and capability to "Play-and-Earn".
Alone | Guild of Guardians - Cinematic Teaser
Owned & Published by Immutable X, Developed by Stepico Games
Guild of Guardians is a Mobile 3D Multiplayer Dungeon Crawler RPG game, not an Open-world MMO, with a low poly design built in Unity game engine.
The game was inspired on a mobile game released ~5 years ago called "Legacy Quest," with similar game concepts such as Dungeon Crawling and having a Crafting System. Guild of Guardians introduces Guilds as its core in gameplay.
According to the recent update on their roadmap, GoG released its Pre-Alpha Demo version in the 1st Half of 2022, and will release Alpha on Testnet in the 2nd Half of 2022, Beta on Mainnet in the 1st Half of 2023, and actual release on the 2nd Half of 2023.