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What is Guild of Guardians

Introduction to Guild of Guardians
Guild of Guardians is a Free-to-Play mobile game that uses blockchain technology to integrate NFTs and Cryptocurrencies to give players a sense of "true digital ownership" and capability to "Play-and-Earn".
Alone | Guild of Guardians - Cinematic Teaser
Owned & Published by Immutable X, Developed by Mineloader (from 2023)
Guild of Guardians is a Mobile 3D Multiplayer Dungeon Crawler RPG game, not an Open-world MMO, with a low poly design built in Unity game engine.
The game was inspired on a mobile game released ~5 years ago called "Legacy Quest," with similar game concepts such as Dungeon Crawling and having a Crafting System. Guild of Guardians introduces Guilds as its core in gameplay.
According to the roadmap, GoG is set to release on Q4 of 2023.