How to join Guild of Guardians Discord

A Guide for the Discord first timers
Guild of Guardians Discord is the main place that you should be in if you want to keep an eye on this project!
Be Updated, Get Involved, and Become a part of the Community in the GoG Discord

Video Tutorial


Step 1. Join a Discord Server by clicking the "+" / "Add a Server" button at the left side of Discord
Step 2. Click "Join a Server"
Step 3. Below the Invite Link, type "gog" and click "Add Server"
Step 4. Click "Let's Go" and "I'll just look around for now"
After this, you should already be a member of the discord server, but you still need to verify yourself before seeing the rest of the server.
The following steps are a tutorial on getting verified and accessing the rest of the server.
Step 5. Make sure / go to the "✅-verify-account" text channel
Step 6. Click the "✅ reaction"
After this, you should be able to see the rest of the server.
After Step 4 and Step 6, you will notice a bot called "" sending you messages. The bot updates your status in the server, telling that you are "unverified" after Step 4 and "verified" after Step 6. You can ignore these messages or right-click then click "mark as read".

Bonus: How to change your Privacy settings in Discord

Video Tutorial


As you dive into this Crypto / NFT Space, you are most likely to encounter a lot of scams and hacking techniques. And, one of the most used ways for these scammers/hackers is through Discord messaging. Changing your Privacy Settings to a more private and secured setting will help you avoid many risks in discord messages.
In the Privacy setting shown in this tutorial, your account will be disabled from sending messages to strangers / being sent messages from strangers. You'll have to add them as a friend so that you can use Discord's direct messaging feature.
Take time to explore Discord's privacy settings. Feel free to edit your privacy setting according to what you are comfortable with. If you are a complete newbie to Discord, we recommend using the strictest privacy setting. But, if you don't want to lock yourself from getting messages from strangers, always remember that a lot of messages that you will get are probably scams.