How to stake $GOG in OKEx

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Pre-Requisites and Information

  • You need an OKEx Account
(You can register via this link:
  • Funds
You don't need to fully verify / KYC to stake
You need at least Phone Verification to withdraw from OKEx
OKEx's GOG Token Staking is not an Official Staking Platform advertised by GOG Team.



Step 1. On the top right corner of the website, go to "Assets" -> and click "Deposit"
Step 2. Select the crypto that you want to deposit and its network.
I personally used TRON in depositing funds, since it uses lower fees (0.8 TRON). If you are going to do the same, use the (TRON) Network.
Step 3. Follow the steps in OKEx. This includes email/phone verification and making a secondary "funds" password that you will need whenever you do crypto transfers in the platform.


Step 4. You need to transfer your funds from "Funding Account" to your "Trading Account" first. To do this, go to "Assets" On the top right corner of the website and click "Transfer".
Step 5. Select the asset that you deposited. Make sure that you are transferring FROM (left) Funding Account -> TO (right) trading account.
Step 6. Click "Transfer All" below the amount, to automatically put the value of all your funds.
Step 7. Click "Transfer"


Step 8. On the menus on the top of the website, Click "Markets" -> "Spot" and search for GOG/USDT
Step 9. If you to buy $GOG at the current market price with all your funds. Click Market and Allocate 100% of your funds, they click BUY.


Step 10. On the menus on the top of the website, Go to "Finance" -> "Earn"
or go to this link:
Step 11. Type "GOG" on the search bar
Step 12. After GOG comes up, click "Select" on the ride side.
After this, three options will come up. Flexibe, 30 Days, and 60 Days.
Note that in the Fixed Options (30 Days and 60 Days), you have to wait for the time to redeem your interest, otherwise you will lose all the interest that you received.
In Flexible, you can redeem your earnings anytime and the interest that you've earned will still apply.
Step 13. Type how much you want to stake, or click Max.
Step 14. Click Subscribe.