Game Components

Everything we know about everything in Gameplay of Guild of Guardians
Players will bring a team of heroes into dungeons to fight. Team strategy is as important as skill. Your team composition and synergies matter, as does your skill usage and ability to dodge!
Factional, Class, and Elemental synergies all play a combat role. For example, teams of all Hordes could have their raw attack boost buffed, and teams of all Fire Elements could have a higher chance of inflicting damage over time.
A combo attack system would allow for skilled players who dodge and time attacks correctly to rack up mammoth damage numbers.
Traditional RPG roles like Tank, Healer, DPS, and Support are valuable in Guild of Guardians. Player skills in agro management, healing output, and damage output will be put to the test in our most challenging content. - Whitepaper
This section will contain the summary of all known and updated information regarding the different aspects around the gameplay of Guild of Guardians.
Sentences/Phrases that are has a red color are concepts that are still "work in progress" or "subject to changes". Although everything in the game can also still be changed, I just want to put more emphasis on some of the information that can be found here.