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We want Guild of Guardians to be a multiplayer game at heart. Players who want to earn big, collect everything, and complete the game will want to join a Guild. Guilds will allow players to group up and attempt the hardest and most rewarding content in the game, craft items for sale on the marketplace, and more. - Whitepaper
Guilds are the core of the game, hence the name "Guilds of Guardians". Being in a guild unlocks various game modes such as Guild Crafting, Guild Raids, and even Guild PvPs.
Let us discuss more about Guilds.
Additional Information that I do not know where to put.
  • Guilds won't directly affect individual player progression.
  • Guild Tokens won't be earnable/obtainable in the game
  • Guild Tokens can't be upgraded to higher Tiers
  • Guild of Guardians has the right to release more Guild Tokens for the game if needed. The Guild Tokens will be inferior than the existing Founders Guilds
  • One Account is limited to only 1 Guild. Since Multi-accounting may not be allowed, You might need to sell / rent (if possible) additional Guild Tokens that you own.


There are 4 Tiers. Adventurers, Warriors, Legends and Mythic
The main differences between the 4 tiers are membership slots and guild leader cuts.
  1. 1.
    Adventurers Guild
    • 20 Member Slots
    • 1% Leadership Cut
  2. 2.
    Warriors Guild
    • 30 Member Slots
    • 2.5% Leadership Cut
  3. 3.
    Legends Guild
    • 40 Member Slots
    • 5% Leadership Cut
  4. 4.
    Mythic Guild
    • 50 Member Slots
    • 10% Leadership Cut
Leadership Cuts refers to the guaranteed percentage cut that a Guild Leader (Guild Owner) receives for every NFT that is sold by the guild.
For Instance, if a Legends Guild has sold a Rare Equipment for 100 Gems, the Guild Leader immediately receives 5 gems for themselves, and the remaining 95 gems get distributed to the whole guild.
  • All Guilds have access to the same content.
  • There may be separate leaderboards for each Guild tiers
  • The benefit of being part of a higher tier Guild are More Raid Attempts, Faster Resource Acquisition, which ultimately means faster crafting.

Limited Gamemodes

Some game modes in the game will only be accessible for players that are a part of a guild.

Guild Crafting

In Guild Crafting, a Guild will craft equipment NFTs such as armor and weapons in order to sell them in the marketplace, to receive GEM rewards.
Guild Leaders will decide on what equipment will be crafted by the Guild. To do this, Leaders need an equipment's recipe, Cubelets, and Gems.
After deciding on an equipment to craft, the Guild Members can then start gathering and contributing materials to the "Guild Silo" / Guild Inventory.
Then, if all the required materials are gathered the crafting will proceed. When the equipment gets crafted, it will automatically be listed in the marketplace where players can buy.
Finally, when someone buys the crafted NFT. The cost of the bought NFT will be distributed fairly— depending on their contribution — to the whole guild, with Guild Leaders getting their own Leadership Cut first.
  • To prevent players from getting all the reward by contributing all the needed resources / materials in crafting, Guild Leaders are given the ability to limit players.
  • Cubelets are resources that can only be obtained by clearing dungeons.
    • Cubelets have Tiers/Rarity that corresponds to what they can be used to craft
  • Guild Crafting won't solely be a Guild Leader's responsibility. One may just want to sit back and let members to the work.

Guild Raids

In Guild Raids, players will be able to send their GoG Assets to an expedition where they can obtain additional game rewards.
Guild Raids, for now, are asynchronous and will only involve menus. From Preparation, to claiming of reward. Exact details on how Guild Raids will look like is further explained by Josiah below.
Guild Leaders will pick 16 players in a guild who will donate Heroes to be sent on a dungeon raid, attempting to defeat a powerful raid boss.
Sample Guild Raid Screen
Josiah: Okay, everybody is here, we need to start a raid, this raid will give us rewards that we need for this recipe of a legendary sword that only this raid can give to us. *Choose Raid, Choose Difficulty, Click Start*. I can look at this raid start-up screen, and it says I need 15 other people (15 + whoever started the raid = 16). Okay, so requirement says "I need 2 healers, 2 tanks, 6 dps and 5 support. Here's the recommended power level, and the elements that you'll be fighting". You are looking at all these information and ask "Okay, who do I know canfulfil these roles to get us the best chance of success." And then you can invite individual players or when you start a raid, a notification will be sent to members and they can join. Once 16 people have joined the raid, the guild leader will look at all the things, bars, meters. "Okay we meet the reqduirements and even exceed them, let's go." Then the timer countsdown. When the timer ends players will be notified and the rewards will be distributed to players who contributed. There will also be a recording of the raid and all of the statistics.
This is where the asynchronous part comes it, because we are stll in the alpha it is not going to be a synchronous multiplayer with 16 different people. What we are doing is setting up all the foundation for the expansion of raids becoming something that is much more interactive
Guild Raids Menu | Contribution Screen
Guild Raids Menu | Completed Contributions
  • Guild Members that are part of a Guild Raid can only contribute a maximum of 1 hero each.
  • Multiple Raids can be run simultaneously. A perk of being in a bigger guild.
  • Heroes are not locked when donated to a Guild Raid
  • Devs says that elements in these screenshots are placeholders

Guild Competitions

Guild Competitions is not a game mode, but it is about the competitions that will rise between different guilds.
In Guild of Guardians, Guilds will be competing against each other for leaderboards. The metric for the leaderboards and what it will be about is not known, but the idea of how it works is something that the devs may have already talked about.
There will be a Global Leaderboard where Guilds of all tiers will compete each other. And there also will be leaderboards for each brackets - for guilds in different Guilds. For example, a leaderboard for all guilds in the game and another exclusive for every Adventurers Guild, Warriors Guild, Legends Guild and Mythic Guild.
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