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Heroes are unique characters that players will take into Dungeons to defeat monsters and collect rewards. As a player, you will have to form your strategy and the team of heroes based on your desired playstyle. - Whitepaper
Heroes are the main NFTs you'll need to get to play Guild of Guardians. You'll use them to run inside dungeons, fight monsters, and claim loots. So it is important to know everything about them.
Let us discuss everything about Heroes. Faction, Element, Rarity, Chroma, Class, and Role.

Founder Heroes

Heroes sold during the Founder Sales will never be sold and obtained again, except through the marketplaces.
Founder Heroes can not be obtained by any other means except by trading or buying through Secondary Marketplaces. Founder Heroes will remain unique and limited because the pool of Founder Heroes is different from Non-Founder Heroes.
The list of the heroes you will see below will be different from the heroes that you will be able to obtain by merging in the game.
Founder Heroes Pool
Merging Founder Heroes will also not result in a Founder Hero of a higher rarity but instead a Non-Founder Hero from a higher rarity.


There are 3 Factions. Empire, Glade, and Horde
Factions are the races in the Guild of Guardians Universe. Factions are connected to a Hero's character design.
The Empire - the humans behind rocks and castles. The Glade - the forest and nature protectors. The Horde - the orcs, trolls, and demons.
Although in the Discord Server, Faction roles are just a cosmetic thing. In the game, Faction synergies are significant game factors. Using heroes from the same factions gives those heroes synergistic effects.
For example, using two heroes from Horde gives the two horde buffs. And additionally, if you mix in two Empire Heroes to the team, those two empires will also earn a different buff.
Hero Faction also gives a small passive buff towards getting a specific resource type.
Let's say its 1%
An Empire + Empire + Horde + Glade team would have a resource collection buff of 2% from Empire, 1% from Horde, and 1% from Glade.


There are 6 Elements. Fire, Earth, Water, Light, Dark, and Aether.
Elements are similar to Pokemon Types. Elements will have Advantages and Disadvantages against specific elements depending on the hero's own element. Th is a 30% increase in damage. For example, Water element heroes will deal 30% more damage to Fire element mobs (Monsters or Beasts).


There are 4 Rarities. Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary
Rarities are the hero scarcity. "Common" Heroes are common since they are the most common. They are given to every player that plays the game. "Rare" Heroes are rare since they are rare. You can only get them by merging common heroes. Do you see where I'm getting at? kekw.
The main thing that makes each rarity live to their names is how hard it is to obtain them. (See Hero Merging)


There are 3 Chromas. Warrior, Elite and Mythic
Chromas are Hero skins. These Special editions are heroes with different designs.
Warrior Chroma - 10% Chance of dropping, heroes having a different hero Colors Elite Chroma - 2.5% Chance of dropping, heroes having a slightly glowing effect Mythic Chroma - 1 of 1 of each hero, heroes having a monochromic mythical glowing effect
Chromas/Special Editions are Hero skins are completely cosmetic. They do not give any kind of in-game buffs/advantages. There are also no utility announced for the Special Editions. (except the NRG "Reborne" Hero 1 out of 1 Mythic Chroma)


There are 3 Classes. Ranger, Melee and Mage
Classes are the general version of roles. They tell an overview of what a Hero is. Ranger uses ranged attacks and is typically weaker than other classes on health and resistance. Melee attacks head-on, both dealing and tanking damage. Mages use magic to perform various actions that could deal damage, heal, protect, etc. Aside from that, the classes of each hero also define which type of equipment they could use.


There are 6 Roles. Damage, Support, Tank, Bruiser, Control, and Healer
Roles are the specific jobs of each heroes.
  • Damage: High damage, self buffs, and nukes
  • Support: Allied ability buffs
  • Tank: High survivability and damage mitigation.
  • Bruiser: Mix of survivability, sustainability, and damage.
  • Control: Debuffs, crowd control, and area of effect.
  • Healer: Health recovery and Shielding
As you can see from these descriptions, Roles will determine the differences on Hero Base Stats.
The Ultimate and Passive Abilities of each Hero are also designed, appropriate to their role.


You can find Information about Ultimate Ability, Passive Ability, Equipments, Core Hero Stats, and Stats in [Medium] The Guild of Guardian Diaries — Edition #4


Each hero will also have a level cap. Once a hero is at the max level, a player can ‘ascend’ it, which will increase its level cap. This unlocks the heroes’ potential power!
Ascension allows a hero to increase its level cap beyond the hero's normal level cap. Unlike merging, You do not need to burn hero NFTs to ascend your heroes, but instead, you might need $GOG to do so.
For Example.
A Cyrus has a level cap of level 10. Cyrus can earn experience and level up to level 10 from clearing dungeons. But once Cyrus reaches level 10, he can no more level up since it is his maximum level.
Ascension allows a hero to go beyond this normal level cap, and increase it.
So, by using some Gems/$GOG, you will increase the level cap of Cyrus from 10 to 11. Then, you can go back to clearing dungeons and earning more Gems to save for the next Ascension cost.
Ascension can only be done on NFT Heroes. So, common heroes can not be ascended.
All heroes have the same level cap.


Hero merging is one way to earn Hero NFTs in Guild of Guardians.
Hero Merging gives a player an option to merge and burn 5-7 heroes of the same rarity to receive a random Hero NFT of the higher rarity in return.
Hero Merging can be done using Common Heroes up until Epic Heroes, in order to get Legendary Heroes.
Founder Heroes is not included in the Pool of heroes that can be obtained in Merging. This means that even if you merge Founder Heroes, the hero that you will obtain will not become a Founder Hero.
In this mechanic, players will be able to work their way up to having Legendary Heroes even by completely playing for free.
The heroes that are found through merging create a purely player-driven economy, as merged heroes will not be sold by Guild of Guardians.
Heroes from merging can also have Chromas / Special Editions.


This section is not based on facts and are only opinions of the author.

How to Create a Team

I believe that Guild of Guardians will be more of a Team Composition-focused game, rather than individual hero strengths. Because, of course, it is a 4-manned dungeon runs. But, I am not completely removing the possibilities of unique metas such as 4 Morax Teams, which may actually be effective if there are dungeons full of mobs that are weak against fire types.
Anyway, in creating a team there are few things you should keep in mind. (Mainly because the most thing that we should also factor in are still unknown - I'm talking about roles) These are the your budget, your plans, Rarity, Faction, Class, and Element.
Depending on your budget and plans, pick a hero rarity that you plan to buy. The heroes doesn't have to be on the same rarity. Some players have legendary heroes that they plan to use for most of the time while also having epic or rare heroes fill the other elements that they are missing, or to just get more heroes in general.
If you plan to buy an energy booster, focusing on your 4 favorite might be okay. If no, you might want to get more heroes or no, since you can still earn more in the game.
After deciding on the rarity. You can now start picking your heroes.
For Factions. Some players like to keep their whole line up from a single Faction. Like an all Horde Team, etc. Meanwhile, others like to divide to two factions. This is because there will be Faction Buffs. The buffs are still unclear, or if there will really be more faction buffs than just the current confirmed Increase in Loot Drops.
For Classes. Make sure to get each one of the classes (Mage, Melee, Ranged). Then just decide which one are you getting 2 of. It might be a good idea to get two of melee heroes if you think none of those melee heroes are "Tanks" or if you speculate that they are "Bruisers" or "Damage" since having a hero to tank damage for a long time is important. Meanwhile, you may also get two mages, if you speculate on of those mages to become a healer. etc.
You can may also ignore either Mage / Ranged since both of those are just the same glass-cannon (High Damage and High Vulnerability) classes. And from what we know, the main damage differences will come from elements, not if its a powerfull " Mage's Skill " or a very sharp " Ranged's Arrow".
For Elements. Diversify. Try to build a team that has different elements from each other as much as possible. There are 6 elements and we still do not know the effectiveness of the elements. So its safer to just diversify and have a team that have atleast 1 hero that is effective against an element.
Or ultimately, just buy what you like. Since there will be nothing that can stop you from playing the hero that you love, and enjoy playing with.
Just go through marketplace, look at the heroes and pick what you like. Tomoe and Rei if you are a simp. If you are into demons, maybe get a Morax and join the Church right now (Josiah is part of us). Or get the Legendary Lia because you think you will be eligible for the sandbox raffle if you bought in the secondary marketplace (Hint: you don't). Or Arkus, or Kalix since they look cool.

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