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NFT Marketplaces

Guild of Guardians NFTs has two marketplaces as of writing this guide.
Immutable X Marketplace

IMX Marketplace

IMX Marketplace is an official marketplace website made by IMX. It supports NFT Trading on all IMX NFTs.


  • Pretty Cool, it has IMX Name
  • Different Token Listing (You can buy using $IMX-ETH, $IMX-USDC, $IMX-GOG, etc)
  • Instantly buy Crypto using Credit Card with Moonpay
  • Transactions Tab
  • Support Tab


  • Guild of Guardian NFTs are on Separate Collections and are harder to find


TokenTrove is a third-party developed marketplace that supports limited IMX-built projects.


  • Cleaner User Interface
  • Supports NFT and Token Transfers
  • Shows Market Graphs / Price History
  • Inventory Valuation and Floor Price Overview
  • Sale Referral


  • No IMX Name? 🤣
Although the IMX Marketplace and TokenTrove both support trading of GOG NFTs, many people might prefer the use of TokenTrove because of its user-friendly interface and additional features.
Unlike many marketplaces on Ethereum Layer 1, Marketplaces in Immutable X benefit on a "globally shared orderbook". Meaning, an NFT listing can be found on all marketplaces across IMX. So the only real difference between TokenTrove and IMX Marketplaces is the user interface and their features but the listings in both marketplaces are the same.

Marketplace Fees

Royalty Fees Roll Out Announcement

As of March 10, Guild of Guardians rolled out 5% Royalty Fees on all Founder Hero NFTs. Meanwhile, these Royalty Fees have been live for NRG Hero NFTs ever since they were released.
from Guild of Guardians Discord (Link)​
Founder NFTs now have 5% royalties
A 5% royalty has been applied to all GoG founder assets
What happens with these fees?
1. 20% of fees from the NRG & Founder NFTs go towards the active staking rewards pool when active staking is live and 80% goes to Guild of Guardians.
2. This means a portion of these fees go back to the users who have staked their tokens and voted 💪🏼
3. Proceeds from GoG fees allow us to continuously improve and support the game 🔥
Thank you for your continued support! ♥
Royalty Fees, and other Trading Fees, are added on top of the listing Price. For example, at 5% Royalty Fees, Listing an NFT for 1 ETH will automatically be listed as 1.05 ETH.
Continue Reading "IMX Fees Structure" below

IMX Fees Structure

To know more about the different types of trading fees on IMX, you can refer to this document.