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Pets are creatures that you can ‘bind’ to your team which give various benefits, such as increased crafting resources, increased item drop chances or dungeon rewards. Pets can initially be purchased during the presale, but they can be found for sale by players once the game launches. Upon purchase, players are rewarded with an equipable pet. - Whitepaper
There are total of 12 Unique Pets. These 12 can be divided into their properties: Rarity and Type
The 12 is also equally balanced within the 4 rarities and 3 types, so there is 1 of each combination.


There are 4 Rarities. Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary
Rarities are the scarcity. Although Rarity is a trait that is both on Pets and Heroes, the process of obtaining both from the Summons that can be bought during the Founder Sales are different. All rarities of Pet came from a single Pet Summon. The Chances for obtaining each rarity can be seen below.
Pet Rarity


There are 3 Types. Workers, Scouts, and Hunters.
Types are the main distinction between pets. The types also indicates its utility.
Workers - Provide passive generation of crafting resources Scouts - Increase dungeon item drop chance Hunters - Increase dungeon completion rewards
If you are wondering about the values that are written in this infographic, the origin of the data can be found in the image below. Just a disclaimer that the Team says that these information especially the numbers are just placeholders.
Pets | Data Mined | !!PlaceHolders!!



Pets are arguably the most valuable assets in Guild of Guardians. Mainly because of two things, Scarcity and Utility. Here's a snippet of a Q&A Session in the Fireside chat with Josiah
Q9. Legendary Pets, how are they acquired in game.
Josiah: There are currently no plans, no mechanics in the game for you to acquire pets aside from getting it in the marketplace.
We have big plans for pets in the future, and that contributes to why we don't want to keep adding Pets.
Howie: Pets are interesting one because they are kind of like, Economic Multiplier. We want to be very careful in the balance around this because it could imbalance the economy. That is why we want to get more data before we do anything about pets, about introdicing these Economic Modifiers in to the economy.
I'm Imagining things that are like events or promotions that can contribute to new Legendary Pets but there is variety of methods to do these and to be honest its pre-mature to give any solid answer to this. I'm sorry.
Josiah: Pets are special because their abilities directly contribute to the amount of resources in the game. They are basically Buffs, more or less. So we want to be extra careful about how to distribute those.
Aside from having "no mechanics in the game to acquire pets aside from getting it in the marketplace" some pets, the Legendary Pets, are actually already scarce right now, even when the game isn't out yet.
With 50,000 Total Supply, the higher rarity pets that are only obtained through chances, gets rarer.

Founder Pets Rarity Supply Distribution

Total Supply
Common Pets
Rare Pets
Epic Pets
Legendary Pets

Other Founder GoG Assets Supply

Total Supply
Legendary Pets
Adventurers Guilds
Legendary Heroes
Energy Boosters / Tokens
Now, imagine GoG having millions of players, with only 1,500 Legendary Pets or 50,000 of these.

But why would GoG limit the supply of pets?

Why does GoG don't want to keep adding more pets into the game when they want to do the opposite to Guilds or Energy Boosters?
Maybe these "Economic Modifiers" are too overpowered, and they need to contain them in minimal numbers?
Maybe the "Big Plans" that they are talking about is a way for pets to multiply/increase their supply for the newer players to use. Maybe- Maybe... breeding? 👀 Edit: no breeding.
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