AMA with Josiah

October 23, 2021
This AMA took place after The GoG Diaries #3 so most of these questions are focused around the Guild Raids which were the focus of the said medium article.
If you want to check out the conversation in the discord yourself, AMA Starts at:​
1. Are you able to say if the raid videos will provide any clues to a failure? Or is it meant more as a fun and relatively generic victory or defeat clip?
We're still building it out and testing, but I'd love for the video to be a learning tool that the more savvy members of the guild can look at see "hey our healing output was slower than we thought because of the boss debuff. We should add one more next time." stuff like that.
2. Will it guarantee a victory if you comply with the minimum requirement when going into a raid?
This is a balance question I have pretty regularly with the team. It would suck right to have all the boxes checked and still fail? But there so much more going on in combat that can't exactly be a check box. Looking for ways to make it clear that a team is TRULY ready
3. Will we know exactly what items the raid will drop or is there some kind of random/luck factor?
Each raid has a list of potential rewards that guilds can use to determine whether or not they want to participate.
4. Can you clear up the asynch mechanics on boss raids a little bit? Are they idle? Individual Matches?
At soft-launch Raids are async. So When the entire raid is prepped and the guild leader in charge hits the [go] button a timer starts. When that time reaches 0 everyone in the guild is notified and can view the results. So yeah very hands-off. Our intention for this feature at full launch (2023 maybe) is for this to be much more involved.
5. Is the raid rewards only given to those that participated in the raid?
Raid Rewards are different for those who donate a Hero and those who contribute through other methods. Also a player who donates a hero can still donate via the other methods too should they choose. I expect Guild Leadership to curate who exactly is doing what in these raids. A Guild Leader can look at the list and see "oh Carkisx donated Morax again. We don't need that for this raid. Lets just remove him real quick and add Firebolt in his place real quick..."
6. Are there multiple types of cubelets?
5 elements with four tiers each. So twenty types
7. Does that mean we can also merge items to a higher rarity like heroes?
No merging for cubelets planned atm. I'd like instead for players to specialize in the collection for specific types. I think a good guild will ensure that everything is being collected efficiently to be prepared for anything.
8. What are these pots?
consumables. they're pretty new still so lots TBD
9. Do we need to buy consumables and what do we need to buy them?
I would say it depends on the abilities of the guild. At a high level they exist to increase your raid success chance. Perhaps a SUPER good guild can do raids without needing any contributions other than Heroes. We'll see how the balancing turns out.
10. Consumables are going to get dropped in dungeons or are they craftable?
They are currently designed to be purchased (and I think dropped. I'll have to go read the design documentation again). Craftable consumables sounds like a cool idea
11. Is there going to be a limit on how much a player can contribute in a single nft crafting?
whew. Lots of arguments around this.Some want there to be limits and some want it to be free for all. Free for all would mean someone THEORETICALLY could fill up all the silos by themselves and get all the rewards. Limits would mean that someone who worked hard or owns a bunch of stuff couldn't make use of it. negatives and positives to both. Also another option that was discussed is to let the guild leaders decide. Letting guild leader set limiters per silo
"cubelets are free for all but gems are 5% per member" for example.
Anyways this is definitely still in development. I had two economists join my team recently and this is their problem to solve now. 🤣
12. How about in raids? (is there going to be a limit on how much a player can contribute in raids?)
yep one hero per player (guild member)
13. Are the guild competitions going to be applied in the raids? like are we going to see guild leaderboards in each raid or something?
I would love for GvG leaderboard to be based around Raid performance.
14. Can you tell us what the benefits of having ascended heroes have? Is it just additional stats or new skills etc?
At the moment it's better stats = high power.
15. How does hero ascension work? Is there a max level and will we need other resources to ascend heros? ex.gems?
Yep each Hero has a max level. Ascension raises that max level and can be done multiple times. More TBD. I plan to write more diaries like today's soon covering each system
16. Do we know the max level?
More Details TBD
17. Can we upgrade weapons and armor until what?
Not in soft-launch.
18. Is there a must to be 16 players or is it optional?
Good question. I'll look at the balancing again, but I think everything is based around having the Hero slots completely filled.
19. Can we do a pet name change?
I think pet name changes are actually in a feature wish list somewhere. lol Definitely not in soft-launch
20. Hero used on raid cant be used on dungeon?
Currently we don't lock away Heroes that are being used for other gameplay modes. We've discussed it though. Adds a bit more realism to the whole thing
21. Does guild have anything to do with power requirements? any bonus for different guilds?
At the moment no. But we've talked about doing something like that post soft-launch.
22. Is there a way if the raid fails, to use the exact same heroes items and consumables and outcome might be different on the other try ? Basically is there some kind of RNG factor?
I think there should be A LITTLE RNG, but like I said before. I'd hate to lose a raid if the prep screen says I set up everything right.
23. yeah about that. Will it count as 1/3 attempt if we lose?
Yep that's currently how it works
24. I didn't quite get the spirit of the crafting feature, usually when you craft something as a group it would be to use it in order to be more efficient at clearing content but the way the article talks about it, automatically listed on the market, which means primary function is to sell craft for gems / coins ?
So for soft-launch that's how it'll work. We had some long discussions over whether or not it should be automatic and ultimately it came down to ensuring the market stayed active and that Guilds can't just hoard all the wealth. Without gear getting to everyone the resource supply would slow down.
Later on down the road though... I think it'd be cool if guild members got the first dibs to buy before it went public. Not sure how that'd work yet though
25. Will cubelets be earned throughout the dungeon, or as an end reward for completion?
Currently earned by completing a dungeon. I think failing also gives rewards, but a significantly lesser amount.
26. Will the game have an "Autoplay" function?
I actually just talked about that last week. The exact requirements for unlocking autoplay are under development, but it should work like Draglia Lost IMO.
27. Any talk about being about to stake/lend heroes?
Nothing at the moment.
28. What’s to stop a guild from over pricing a weapon so most can’t get it, and them then buying it themselves?
Good question. I've discussed all purchases being bids instead of direct and I think someone actually used that scenario for a justification for things like that. More details TBD