Town hall #3

December 10, 2021

Guild of Guardians Townhall #3 [VOD]

GoG AMA #3 coverage by coolspotato
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    Why Mobile
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    NRG Element
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    App Store Compatibility
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    Wen Aus
  6. 6.
    Game Development Completion
  7. 7.
    Alpha Requirements
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    Player Retention
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    Development Roadblocks
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    F2P vs P2W?
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    Pet Collection
  16. 16.
    F2P Question
  17. 17.
    Guild Slots?
  18. 18.
    NFT Inflation
  19. 19.
    Pet Effects
  20. 20.
    Game UX
  21. 21.
    Game Exploiting
  22. 22.
    Multiple Accounts and Bots
  23. 23.
    NRG Hero Development
  24. 24.
    Boss Art
  25. 25.
    Hero Development
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  27. 27.
    Player Skill
  28. 28.
    Community Collab
  29. 29.
    Content Creation
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Questions and Answers Summary

Q1. Can GoG be resource extensive?
The quality of graphics has nothing to do with server load, so we can make the game as fancy as we want. We have auto-scaling server instances and use world market leader (service provider). We will simulate server load of 10x the real users for a stress test.
Q2. What made you decide the game to only be on mobile? Do you think if there are PC gamers, mobile gamers have advantage?
It's mobile first because not everyone has access to a gaming pc, and there are more people that has access to mobile phones. We want to welcome more people in the world so we are aiming for a mobile game.
Q3. Does the NRG hero have the new element "Aether"?
Q4. How do you submit this game with google play or apple store with crypto?
The secret here is to read through guidelines of these platforms and comply with them. Do what we can do and what we can not.
Q5. When can Australia take part in this project?
When it goes live for IOS and Android, it will of course launch in Australia too.
Q6. At what % is the game is at in terms of gameplay development and completion?
For expectation management, we are planning to develop Guild of Guardians for years after the release. We are way above 80% for the alpha release
Q7. Pre-Alpha Requirements?
We are Discussing that
Q8. What is the snapshot for?
Its for a gift for the community
Q9. How do you keep the Gog community active, our loyalty and retention high?
We want to be the best game with gaming experience for gamers. We will make people decide to pick GoG because its a good game and they want to be part of the economy and the community around it. We want to make sure that the game is as good as possible and the experience is good as possible.
Q10. Would there be airdrops for people with GoG NFTs?
Currently, we don't have any more plans for token airdrops, except the one announced 8 months ago? (If you purchased in GoG Founder Sale, The Gem milestone rewards)
Q11. Can you give light on where we are at in game development / roadmap. What are the roadblocks you are experiencing right now?
The number of people working on GoG is changing, we are currently recruiting and its a big team.
Q12. What's the most ambitious goal of the project and most ambitious goal?
We want to onboard billions , if not, millions of players.
Q13. How do you bounce the paid player to free to play player in the economy?
This is quite difficult but also simple, but the philosophy is everyone here is on the same thing. We are looking in to what is going to be the best long term.
Q14. How long do you suspect players will get a free rare hero?
There will be some nfts that players can get easily, but most would be hard to get.
Q15. Are there any in-game benefits for having multiple pets of different rarity?
We design pets and their bonuses to solve specific problems and cater specific player need. If you have enough pets to cover all the different types, you are set up to help yourself have an advantage over as many different situations as possible.
Q16. Are there situations where a rare hero is better than a legendary hero?
Yes. For example, when rare heroes have better elements that work in a dungeon than a legendary hero. Or when a rare hero is leveled up and has better gear than a legendary one.
Q17. Due to some limitations of guild slots, will there be in-game guilds like rpg games?
There will be plenty of guilds. We will probably make more guilds, not necessarily founder guilds. We may also change the system of guilds in the future or expand their utility
Q18. Do you have methods in countering the high supply of NFTs?
I think the question is how do we prevent NRG being abused? Inflation of nfts are very high priority on economic design. The intention is to create good reasons for why NFTs need to be removed from circulation. This is something that we thought about from the start. There will be exit points for all assets.
Q19. During guild content, e.g party runs, Do pet buffs stack to all parties?
Q20. UX is something mostly ignored by games. How do we ~
UX has been a product level goal for the Guild of Guardians.
Q21. How do we prevent players from exploiting the energy system? Like swapping a lot of people to counter hero fatigue?
Energy is account bound. Swapping heroes won’t fix the problem.
Q22. How do the team restrict mass farming? Like multiple accounts and bots?
We already talked about tackling bots, etc in chat. But what would they also be farming? It won’t be beneficial to get resources on multiple accounts since they can’t trade resources between accounts.
Q23. Can you talk about the process of creating the NRG hero? From idea to outcome.
It's not really different from the other heroes. But we worked very closely with NRG throughout the process. Its a great collaborative process.
Q24. Talk about Boss Art
We are exploring the idea that the bosses are expressions of the environment. For example, the boss in magma “biome”, is made of rocks and magma. His feet look like he is emerging from the dungeon itself.
Q25. How is the progress with creating heroes going? When do we see the rest of the heroes?
I’m not gonna commit to the second question, but compared to the founders, which were kinda loose ideas of heroes, We have better ideas for the next wave of heroes in terms of lore and designs.
Q26. Do we have a storyline to follow in the dungeons? Or do we just go into dungeons with the goal to defeat the boss?
Since summer, we are working on the narrative, the draft, with the narrative team. Like how magic works, how the elements work, we are working on, kinda, a lore for the players.
Q27. How about button mashing and How does player skill contribute to a better dungeon run?
We have a vision of tactical, skill emphasized, gameplay. Some of it will be on team comp, but the point is it won’t be just button mashing. + (Josiah reads something about combat)
Q28. What's the next step for the community to move forward collaboratively?
Looking into maybe scale or stick with the people already here or incentivise content creation. We have a strong budget to put into incentivising people in promoting the name/brand next year.
Q29. How do you feel about gaming/content creation around GOG?
It's definitely something that we are looking to capitalize on. Its something I am really excited about, there is a lot of opportunities around this.
Q30. Partnershipping with Community?
We are not shy when it comes to spending money for the community, and giving incentives. If you are building tools, having podcasts, we want to incentivise you for that. There are thousands of people that want to support the game. From that point, it will be a network effect / tornado effect for the community to grow.