Townhall #1

May 5, 2021

Guild of Guardians Townhall #1 [VOD]

GoG AMA #1 coverage by Gray

Questions and Answers Summary

by Gray

General Information

  • Game to be released early 2022.
  • No specific date. Public Play Test: TBA.
  • Platform: Mobile ONLY. Game will not be too intensive so most modern phones will be able to run it. For PC/desktop you may use emulators.
  • Game Engine: Unity
  • Serial Numbers are vanity items. You may want a certain number or a collector may want a certain number or lower number.
  • Pre-Registration NFT Rewards: You will receive an email to the address that earned said NFT rewards. Usernames will be linked to your ETH wallet so anyone can use their desired username. Regarding The Sandbox, they have assigned 3 Heroes which will exist across the metaverse (Guild of Guardians to The Sandbox).
    • These are Lia (Legendary), Miera (Epic) and Varik (Rare).
    • There will be a limited number of these NFTs that will exist in The Sandbox! These will be distributed randomly to anyone who is eligible at the end of the founder sale for free.
    • 100 Sandbox Lias (Legendary), 300 Sandbox Miera (Epic), 1000 Sandbox Varik (Rare)
    • The Sandbox equivalent NFT asset, and the Guild of Guardian Hero(s) that you summoned in our Founder Sale will be two separate NFTs.
      • Reference:

Founder Sales

  • Early Bird Discount will be 20% but this discount will decrease by 1% after a certain number of purchases are made (5% of max supply).
  • How to buy for the Founder Sale?
    • Taking ETH ONLY for the sale. Recommendation: Metamask (
    • Have ETH ready in Metamask. Guides available online to do that but they will post how to do that.
    • Have Metamask setup in advance as it takes some time to set up. GAS Fee will be in Uniswap ranges
      • (Reference:
    • Note:If you are creating a new wallet, store your seed somewhere safe and NOT digitally. Write it down using pen and paper.
    • Dev Note: Unable to buy straight from Coinbase / Gemini, unless it can be read off a browser. Use Metamask.
    • Author’s Note: I have not done this myself as I’m moving ETH to Metamask via Gemini but here’s a video on purchasing ETH via Debit/Credit card. If this does NOT work, please contact Gray#9404 on Discord immediately:
  • Founder NFTs won’t be sold again. Other NFTs will be sold in the future (different heroes, pets, boosters) and may be weaker or more expensive to protect the value of Founder NFTs.
  • You can buy multiple quantities of the same item during the Founder sale. It will be similar to a Shopping Cart system; add different types of NFTs then check out all at once for one GAS fee. There are however a limited number of NFTs so act soon once the Founder Sale is available!
  • Referral links are not a one-time use. You would use someone else’s referral link to receive 5% off purchases as you need to and can use their link unlimited times (ie. Use a friend’s referral link when purchasing during Founder Sales and use that same link again if you wish to purchase some time after that). If you were not referred initially, that is okay, you can still receive 5% off by using someone’s referral link before purchase.
  • In the event that the game gets bigger and there are not enough guilds available, they may mint more Adventurer Guild tokens or create a lesser tier guild token so as to not devalue the Adventurer Guild token. Multiple Guild tokens can be bought and traded. Pricing will fluctuate using ETH:USD. So the amount of ETH required for a purchase will be adjusted in real-time.
  • Note: Energy Boosters are permanent and tradable with a cooldown period after use. You can purchase as many Energy Boosters as you wish but 1 Energy Booster per account would be sufficient, functionality-wise (20 Energy Boosters will not give you any more of a benefit than 1 except for reselling purposes). Founder Energy Boosters will be exclusive to the Founder Sales and not earned or sold in-game but there will be other types of Boosters available later on. Once activated, it’s activated for a certain amount of time. However, it has a cooldown after, where you would have to wait for the cooldown to complete before using it again. Cooldown times have yet to be decided. They are used specifically to counter hero fatigue (which reduces your hero's stats if used too often in a row), allowing you to play the same hero for longer instead of being incentivized to swap out said hero.
  • Will be able to view character models as they appear in-game before pre-sale goes live.
  • You will not know what heroes you summoned until after you open it. You can open them straight away instead of having to wait until the end of Founder Sale.
  • Founder Sale will end once all NFTs are sold but if not and the sale goes on for too long, it is at the discretion of GoG to end the sale themselves.
  • Vanity Founder titles may exist for those who bought during Founders Sale but unconfirmed.
  • What preventative measures are being taken during the Founder Sale to ensure that bots aren't going to buy out the entire sale within seconds?
    • “There is a cap on the number of purchases in each transaction (e.g. # of heroes you can add to the cart) so no one will be able to buy the whole lot in one go.” (Source:
  • Where will NFTs go once purchased? Your purchases will be linked to your wallet address (fully transparent / onchain), but the NFTs will be minted later on Immutable X so won't be on metamask wallet. NFTs will go to the same wallet but will be on Immutable X - we'll share more info about the redemption process as soon as we can. (Reference:
  • Sale will occur via Uniswap Swap. Cannot sell un-opened summons. (Reference:
  • Wave 2 Founder Sale should happen anywhere between September to October.


  • GAS Fees Founder NFTs will be sold on ETH. They will be using a smart contract in order to have randomness on chain. GAS fees will exist on purchases but no GAS fees when trading through Immutable X. NFTs will be minted on Immutable X. Once they are, you will be able to trade without GAS fees.
  • Before launch, collectibles will be tradable through the website, Immutable X platform or partner websites that will list the NFTs.
    • Note: Once the game is out, trading will likely happen outside the mobile platform at least in the very beginning. Similar to how Amazon might do it where you don’t have to buy stuff through the app but can add items to a Wish List. In the future, they’ll look into integrated trading on mobile but that requires collaboration with Apple.
  • Liquidity Pools will be supported for Gems. Timeline: TBC. Ideally after Gems are given away in the NFT sale.
    • Gems: ERC-20 token (cryptocurrency) but nothing known about listing on Exchanges yet.
    • Once Gems are distributed, they cannot be taken away despite the means of how they were attained. Can be rewarded for free via login activity, progression etc.
    • Fixed number of Gems will go to players and this number of Gems can vary in the future depending on Gem availability. Gems must be spent for minting NFTs and those spent Gems will go back to the devs to be re-distributed to players. If Gems are not being spent and circulating then number of Gems distributed to players will decrease.
    • While Gems will be given for free, some have been reserved to be sold (Source:
    • Legendaries that can be summoned will NOT be the same as the Founder NFTs. There might be a period of time when Legendaries can be created until they can release a new set of Legendaries, where the older Legendaries will no longer be able to be created again.
    • Balancing:
      • Certain properties of NFTs will not change. These are properties that they won’t ever have to balance
      • (ie. rarity of hero). Some properties of heroes may change for balance purposes but would be off-chain but would match 1:1 with specific NFT owned.
      • Drop rates will be balanced to preserve the integrity and market of the game so assets aren’t devalued.
      • Balancing period with NFTs which may be done on TestNet or even live but people will be notified about stats, abilities, etc.



  • Difference between guilds is size and profit-percentage cut for Guild Leader.
  • Guild Leader or Guild Members can direct the rest of the Guild to work on crafting an NFT (rarity [Legendary, Epic, etc] gear, etc) which once recipe has been learned and crafted (requires materials which can be found through dungeon drops and completions), will automatically go straight to the marketplace.
  • Guild Crafting: Bunch of players in guild under direction of Guild Leader or some other members of guild who have ability to direct guild activities, they could say “Hey, I want us to start building Legendary Equipment this week”.
    • Notes: Everyone gets together, chip in resources and work on a new crafting recipe. Once craft is completed, it gets automatically added to the marketplace and once the item is sold, everyone who participated in the process of crafting the item gets a cut of the revenue. Guild members who actively participated in crafting the NFT will receive a share of sale profits from the marketplace. So idle Guild Members can’t freeload off those who were working on the NFT. Guild Leaders can still earn their percentage of profits but it would be less if they did not participate at all, incentivizing them to participate in the crafting process.Proceeds will likely be in ETH. (Reference:
  • Guilds DO NOT directly impact progression (heroes, core campaign progress, etc). Guilds are meant primarily to impact/affect your personal earnings. For example, it could be a large guild that focuses on crafting a small set of common objects that are needed for crafting higher tier recipes or a small guild which focuses only on crafting high tier items.
  • Mythic guilds are expensive because they are scarce and prestigious, only 10 of them. Speculation that Mythic Guild Leaders will be big leaders in the community.
  • Guild Events/Raids: Specific dungeons with unique modifiers (ie. Clear dungeon in 90 seconds or less with guild members).
  • Will not be able to upgrade Guilds to a higher tier in the game, currently.
  • When a Guild Crafted item is immediately sent to the marketplace, how is the pricing of the item dictated? Does the Guild Leader set it? Do the members vote on it? What’s preventing members from setting it to a low value so that they can buy the crafted item immediately for themselves for dirt cheap?


  • Devs are exploring possibility to “rent” out heroes
  • No multiple rarity types for a hero so you won’t see a [Common, Rare, Epic] Lia, because there’s only a [Legendary] Lia.
  • Difference in hero rarity would be base stats. On average, a Common would be 10% lower in base stats than a Rare. Rare would be 10% lower than Epic, etc.
  • Even though heroes can have different stats depending on their rarity types, each hero is designed to have a utility for specific strategies.
  • Each hero will fulfill a different role: tank, DPS, support, healer, etc. Each hero will have their own unique abilities that would compliment different play styles.
  • Hero Synergy System: Build squads with varying or similar types (ie. All Fire Squad, 2 Glade and 2 Empire Squad, etc) to match different situations and for different combinations.
    • Note: Heroes will be able to be switched out during the dungeon from the squad you initially entered with, like Genshin Impact (Reference:
  • Synergy between differing rarities is a “wait and see” but synergy between heroes overall will exist. Strategy, synergies, combinations, gear etc can make a lower rarity hero team more effective than a carelessly created higher rarity team.
  • Type Advantages: Damage boosts for elements (Fire/Water/Earth/Light/Dark): 33% boost.
    • Factions don't get a 33% damage boost but come into play with the Squad Synergy System. Like a team of all Horde, or 2 Horde + 2 Glade.
    • No type advantage 1:1 from elements:factions.
  • Hero fatigue has yet to be decided. Energy Boosters would not create that large of a disparity and you will be able to play your heroes at least once per 24 hours.
  • Healing items are not yet planned.
  • Can have multiple duplicate heroes in the same team with their own individual levels, gear, fatigue, etc.
    • (Reference:
  • Founder NFTs will NOT merge into Founder NFTs. (ie. 5-7 Founder Rare heroes will not merge into a Founder Epic hero. It will merge into an Epic hero that’s only obtainable via merging.)

Free to Play Experience

  • Game won’t be P2W (Pay to Win) but there will be P4C (Pay for Convenience) such as the higher base stats of a Legendary hero being able to more easily clear early content. This is to be expected as people who spend money into a game want to see some benefit.
  • For all players, including F2P (Free to Play) players, a non-tradable, Common hero will be available at launch. You can obtain additional non-tradable, Common heroes through tutorial, campaign progression, etc.
  • Only one hero is necessary to play Guild of Guardians. Campaign is being built so you will be well equipped at the end with the right heroes, squad composition, etc.
  • Although eventually you may want multiple squads of heroes and each squad would be specialized (ie. all Fire squad, all Synergy squad, etc). Different squads for different situations.
  • Few ways to Play and Earn:
    • Gems: Distribute Gems to players who play the game (active logins, progression, etc.).
    • Crafting Materials: Earned by clearing dungeons. These can be contributed to the guild to craft items to sell for money.
    • Heroes: Playing the game allows you to summon heroes which can be merged to a hero of a higher rarity.
    • Season Rewards
    • Leaderboard Rewards
    • Out of Game Events: Community events, referral rewards, etc.


  • Combat is not a hack and slash. You will control one hero in your squad (up to 4). The other heroes in your squad will be AI controlled but you could swap between them. Means of doing so has yet to be confirmed but suggestions are:
    • Button on Screen to Swap
    • Tapping Hero
    • Radial Menu: Hold + Swipe in direction of action you wish to perform.
  • Autoplay will be available. AFK mode will be allowed when you reach a certain milestone or beat a dungeon once manually. Undecided which route to be taken.
  • Game will be very PvE focused as PvP usually gives an advantage to players with more money


  • Large Community Events: World-sized events. Leaderboard tracking. TBC. No NPCs to be interacted with.
  • Cannot stack Pets or Energy Boosters. Within the dungeon, it’s not just about the stats. You need to consider strategies, type advantages, timing dodges, ultimates, basic attack combos, etc. Pets have not been designed to be able to be merged.
  • If you’re Lv 1 in a guild full of Lv 99s, there will be things in place so that you aren’t irrelevant such as grinding low tier resources, contributing some currency, etc.
  • Designed content in the game such that some content can be bought (ie. Founder’s Sale) but some of the content can NEVER be bought, like items. GoG has no plans to sell items. In order to create blockchain items, only players can actually do that so there’s a whole player driven economy around items.
    • Note: This applies to heroes as well. There will be heroes that will never be sold by GoG but can only be summoned by playing the game or merging heroes into other rarities. So when the game first comes out, there’s a possibility that there are heroes that are more rare than Founder NFT heroes because players haven’t gotten to that stage yet and summoned those Additional note:Merging works with ~5 lower tier heroes merging into a random higher tier hero. They may have a system that accounts for duplicates (Reference:
  • Game’s graphics will be low poly but will be upgraded from the previous game, Legacy Quest. They won’t look like they do in the cinematic trailer.
  • Higher tiered gear will have a high impact on the hero. Legendary Gear will generally be better than Epic Gear. There will not be a limit on in-game items as a player-driven economy will regulate prices.
  • Gear Sets: Hundreds of pieces of equipment. Gear sets are on the table.
  • Only Common gear will drop in dungeons. Any rarity above that must be guild crafted.
  • Dungeons will not be procedurally generated. Different biomes, mob types, themes, etc. There will be a variety of dungeons available emphasizing fun and not staring at your phone for a long time in a dungeon. As the game goes live, more dungeons/content will be added.
  • Will be able to queue into a dungeon with a friend but not yet. It’s on the Roadmap.