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Townhall #2

August 19, 2021

Guild of Guardians Townhall #2 [VOD]

GoG AMA #2 Coverage by WT

GoG Diaries #2 Discussion Timestamps

  1. 1.
    Recap by Derek [08:21]
    • Released Gas Free NFT Trading (Immutable X Integration) Layer 2 Scaling Solution
    • NRG Esports x GoG + 2 Ticket Giveaway to LA to visit NRG Castle
    • Guild of Guardians Metaverse Announcement
    • Community Engagement and Rewards (GoG Merch, POAP Painting)
    • Internal Growth (Team Hiring)
  2. 2.
    Art and Creative Direction by Aaron [13:16]
    • Low Poly
  3. 3.
    Game Design by Josiah [16:31]
    • Five Core Areas
    • Content Design/Content Balance
    • AI Optimization
  4. 4.
    Roadmap by Derek [20:52]
    • Wave Two NFT Sales
    • Currently on Quality Assurance Testing (QA Testing)
    • 3-5 weeks from now

Question and Answer Summary

What is GoG's Vision?
To Disrupt the Gaming Industry
When Sale? And how to buy?
3-5 Weeks, (subject to change) will happen on the official website You can buy using ether (token) by using metamask (wallet).
When First Alpha and Why Not PC?
Early Next Year, No Actual Date Yet. Game is being played on PC for Play-testing, but still, it will be a mobile game.
Supported Languages?
Game is going to be launched first in English Only. But we are preparing to localize the game to other languages such as French, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese.
Plans in Making Money?
here is already money from Wave 1 Sales. And, GoG is also owned by Immutable so we have a huge security net for the game. There will also be the next wave of sales but even without those, we are well funded.
How do you develop a good quality game?
Building from a vision. Have a solid foundation, proven technology, proven core loops and make the best out of it.
Is it possible to play the game without a guild?
How much is the difference in earning? Yes, the game will be playable with a guild. Large portions of the game will still be playable without a guild. Meanwhile, being part of a guild is just one method of earning in the game.
Will we be able to rent out guilds and heroes to other players?
We will likely allow renting. However, we currently don’t have any plans to design/build the tools to do so in the game. Instead, we’ll be relying on others to do so, outside the metaverse.
Will the game have an auto-play mode?
Yes. It may be available on dungeon runs that you have already cleared at least once. We are looking for a balanced way to integrate auto-play in GoG while at the same time, keeping the game engaging and challenging as much as possible.
Will there be a duration in crafting an Item or will it be made instantly? Also is it going to be available at the same time or one at a time?
Crafting is still under development. The Crafting system is still not finalized and is still subject to changes. But, we are thinking that the duration will depend on the type/rarity of the item. It will be balanced.
What about in-game multiplayer for PvE or PVP?
GoG for the soft-launch is going to be PvE focused. But going 2022, 2023 and beyond, guild modes and pvp modes are on the table.
What is the inspiration behind every guardian that you make?
It can come from anywhere. Sometimes, the urge just comes to us like “oh, I’ve always wanted to design a hero like this” and then we go with that. Sometimes we also just create something to fill the table of heroes like “we need to create a water type melee hero” and that’s what we do, etc.
There are games with great visuals and art designs ingame, where do you think GOG stands when compared to those games?
We are doing our best in creating Guild of Guardians. We know that there are other projects with very good graphics and all of that, it is overwhelming to compare but we know that we are doing our own separate game. It is not a contest for those reasons. We have our own niche, our own vision about GoG and we are committed to it.
What are you most excited about lore-wise?
All of it.
What is the biggest challenge for GOG that you might encounter in the future and how do you plan on countering this?
The biggest challenge for us is probably going to be those that involve dealing with new things or new technologies such as gas fees and NFT trading. It's dealing with new things that are related to what we are doing. To counter these, we are actively thinking of these things, we are aware and thinking of solutions.
Will there be any perk in GoG for people that are playing the discord game (Discord of Guardians Game)?
Are you going to have guilds in the future?
No more any kind of founder’s guilds. But there could be more adventurers guilds as the game scales to the point that it needs more of it. But this will also be decided with the community.