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About the GoG Bible


The GoG Handbook is created by coolspotato#9800
It is a development of the "Unofficial Notes" by Gray and Kenjiro
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The GoG Community Handbook / The GoG Book / or simply, The GoG handbook, is a fan-made project, and therefore, is not Official. The creators of this handbook do not represent the Guild of Guardians Team. Although all information presented in this handbook is taken from various valid sources, the handbook as a whole is not affirmed nor guaranteed accurate or correct by the GoG Team. Some parts may also be outdated.
The handbook may contain copyright material, the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We believe this constitutes a “fair use” of any such copyrighted material.
I am not a good writer 😅. I apologize if the Handbook is poorly written.


Special Thanks

I would like to express my deepest grattitude to these people...
Thank You
Nick, for supporting and guiding me • Gray, for the inspiration • Ryan • Kenjiro • bertu • Ruler • Chemdawg • Merck • Chosen Juan • Firebolt • mrs.urikya • Jeerow • GoG Moderators and Ambassadors • Disciples of Cain • Real Deal Guild, to Boss Benn & Boss Osten • Yield Guild Games • GoG PH Community • GoG Community • and Guild of Guardians


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