Update Logs

GoG Handbook Plans and Updates

Task List

  • Make a Way to minimalize the "Community Projects" Subpage -> Separate Gitbook for all Community Projects -> Create a community voting on top Projects that should be on the heading -> Mention Everything in the (2nd layer) subpage and create another (3rd layer) subpage
  • Add [Partners and Investors] subpage under [GoG Team]
  • Add [Scam Prevention] Section
  • Create Infographics for each section. -> This includes just fixing some GoG's Images and creating a theme for the images
  • Create tutorial videos
  • Fix Handbook Page Organisation
  • Filipino Translation
  • Add links for articles mentioning the handbook
  • Become a permanent "handbook"

Update History

[2023-03-29] Updated Game Overview - Developer, Release Date,
[2023-01-28] Updated Roadmap & Timeline Added Guardian Of The Week Added Community Game Development Update Added Townhall - DevDiaries#7 Added Townhall - Staking Added Townhall - Esports NFT
[2022-08-05] Updated Core Team and Timelin
[2022-07-26] Updated Timeline
Note: We need a gog wiki, someone create it
[2022-07-06] Minor updates on "Why people buy GoG NFTs"
[2022-06-22] Minor fixes and updates in medium, links, etc.
[2022-06-05] Minor fixes and updates in medium, links, etc.
[2022-05-19] Added [Players Revolution Series] Updated [GoG Team] Updated [Roadmap and Timeline] Updated [Links] -> [Medium] Yet to updated [Pre-Alpha Demo]
[2022-04-29] Changed [Gameplay] to [Game Components] Updated [Roadmap and Timeline]
[2022-04-21] Added [Pre-Alpha Demo Retro Discussion] Page Updated [Interviews]
[2022-03-29] Added [Pre-Alpha Demo] Page
[2022-03-13] Minor fixes on Immutable X Updated Marketplaces Updated How to Buy Gog NFTs Added Gog Team Discord IDs
[2022-03-10] Major Fixes in Data on Wave 3 Details in [Founder Sales] Added "GoG NFT Marketplaces" in [Marketplace] Added "Marketplace Fees" in [Marketplace]
[2022-03-09] Added Groups Added [Scam Prevention] Updated and Moved [Interviews] Updated [Roadmaps and Timeline] Updated Links -> [Medium] Other Minor Changes
[2022-02-20] Added Links, Grammar Fixes, Timeline Update Minor Changes on the Handbook
[2022-02-16] Added [Townhalls / AMAs] -> [Roadmap Discussion] Added Strikethrough in a part in Pets Discussion
[2022-02-10] Added "Translations" H1 in Homepage Added "Founder Heroes" H1 in [Heroes] Worked on Graphics for the handbook (Not yet placed)
[2022-02-09] Updated [Roadmap and Timeline] Updated [Links] -> [Medium] Updated [Community] -> [Community Projects], [Interviews]
[2022-02-04] Added [Gameplay] -> [Pets] Added [Gameplay] -> [Founder Sales]
[2022-01-26] gg.goghandbook.com 1st version Updated [GoG Team] -> [Moderators and Ambassadors]
[2022-01-22] Updated [Gameplay] -> [Guilds] Minor Updates [Guides] -> [How to Connect to IMX] Updated [FAQs]
[2022-01-18] Added [About] -> "Contributors" Added Indonesian Translation for [Townhall / AMAs] -> Fireside Chat Updated [Gameplay] -> [$GoG Token] Updated [GoG Team] -> [Core Team]
[2022-01-16] Added [Guides] -> [How to transfer GOG NFTs] Added [Guides] -> [How to stake $GOG in OKEx] Added [Gameplay] -> [$GOG Token] Added "Further Readings" in Gameplay subpages Minor Updates on Townhalls Updated [Interviews] Updated Various Links
[2022-01-15] Added [Gameplay] -> [Art] Other Minor Document Updates
[2022-01-13] Added [Town halls / AMAs] -> Fireside Chat Changed the old handbook website Updated [GoG Team] Added "How to Connect / Link Wallet to IMX"
[2022-01-12] Added my "Special Thanks" to great people Updated [Guilds] a little bit Added [Community] -> [Community Pool & Grants Program]
[2022-01-10] Grammar Fix Added [GoG Team] Subpages Added [GoG Bible] -> About Added [About] -> "Content Overview" Moved [Update Logs]
[2022-01-09] Added [Guides] -> "How to view $GOG Token balance on IMX" Added [Guides] -> "How to join GoG Discord" Minor fixes throughout the document Added more in Task List
[2022-01-07] Added timestamps to Town hall #3 [VOD] Added [Town halls / AMAs] -> [Town Hall #3] Updated [Town halls /AMAs] Updated [Community Projects] Updated [Infographics] Updated [Interviews]
[2022-01-06] Added "Real World" Images in [Community] Added [Infographics] Added [FAQs] Changes in [Buying your GoG NFTs]
[2022-01-05] Added [Community] Moved [Interviews] from [Related Links] to [Community] Added links in [GoG Team] Minor fixes throughout the document
[2022-01-02] Added [Buying your GoG NFts] -> "Guilds" & "Avatars" Added [Buying your GoG NFts] -> [Why People May Be Buying GoG NFTs]
[2022-01-01] Added [Buying your GoG NFts] -> "Need to Know", "Heroes", "Pets & EB" Added [Update Logs]
[2021-12-31] Changed Name to "GoG Bible" from "Unofficial Notes" Changed [Unofficial Notes] to [GoG Bible] Major Changes in [GoG Bible] Section Updated [Getting Started] -> What is Guild of Guardians Updated [Getting Started] -> What to do Added [Guides] -> [How to Pre-Register]
[2021-12-25] Added "$GoG Links" in [Related Links] -> [Official Links] Added [Getting Started] Added [Getting Started] -> What is Guild of Guardians Added [Getting Started] -> What to do
[2021-12-11] Minor Updates on Introduction / [Unofficial Notes]
[2021-12-10] Minor Updates on [Related Links] -> [Medium] Added [Town Halls / AMAs] -> [Town Hall #3]
[2021-12-09] Added [Roadmap and Timeline]
[2021-12-08] Added [Town Halls / AMAs] -> [Town Hall #1] Added [Town Halls / AMAs] -> [Town Hall #2] Added [Related Links] -> [Interviews]
[2021-12-05] Added [Town Halls / AMAs] Added [Town Halls / AMAs] -> [Town Hall #1] Added [Town Halls / AMAs] -> [Town Hall #2] Added [Town Halls / AMAs] -> [Chat AMA with Josiah] Added [Related Links] Added [Related Links] -> [Official Links] Added [Related Links] -> [Medium] Added [GoG Team] Added [GoG Team] -> "Core" and "Ambassadors
[2021-12-02] Created "Unofficial Notes" Gitbook
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